World Iodine Association

Iofina became a founding member of the World Iodine Association (“WIA”) on 14 October 2015 to promote iodine uses and to help eradicate global iodine deficiency.

The mission of the WIA is to support and represent iodine producers, processors, formulators, distributors and end users in relevant industry and official government bodies around the world, with respect to guidelines and regulations on iodine and its derivatives. Alongside Iofina, other founding members of the WIA includes Ajay Europe, Calibre Chemicals, GE Healthcare, Hypred SAS and SQM Europe.

The WIA develops, supports and promotes the use of iodine and its derivatives in existing and novel uses and applications in the domains of human and animal health and industry. The WIA provides information about the purposes, uses and applications of iodine and its derivatives to interested parties and aims to help eradicate global iodine deficiency.

More information on the WIA can be found at

8480 East Orchard Road, Suite 4900
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

+1 303-222-1215
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