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Iofina Resources (“IR”) is the Group’s iodine production business and one of the largest US producers of iodine in North America.

Iofina Chemical (“IC”) is the Group’s technology-focused, halogen-based specialty chemical producer.

Iofina plc is a vertically integrated company that specializes in the exploration and production of iodine and the manufacturing of specialty chemical derivatives. Its strategy is to identify, develop, build, own and operate iodine extraction plants based on the company’s WET® IOsorb® technology. The company produces iodine from brine solutions produced in oil and gas fields at its multiple IOsorb® plants. Iofina integrates the iodine into an array of specialty iodine derivatives, which are created and sold through Iofina Chemical to diverse global markets. Additionally, Iofina sells iodine globally and also produces other non-iodine specialty chemicals.

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Iofina Resources: Extracting Iodine From a Produced Water Brine Stream

The iodine plants at Iofina Resources extract iodine from produced water streams from oil and gas wells in the United States. Using our unique WET® IOsorb® technology, the iodide-rich brine undergoes numerous manufacturing processes to isolate iodine from the water. 

As the second-largest iodine production company in the U.S., Iofina Resources uses brine streams where valuable components like iodine, would have gone to waste, isolates the iodine, and returns the water back to the operator. This extraction process highlights our commitment to eco-friendly processes and systems, paving the way for rapid expansion and mass production.

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Iofina Chemical: Producing Critical Iodine and Chemical Derivatives

Iofina Chemical produces iodine-derivative products for resale in the specialty chemical industry. The iodine extracted at our Oklahoma IOsorb® plants is transported to Iofina Chemical’s Kentucky facility. Once there, we integrate the iodine into iodinated derivatives specially developed for various specialty chemical applications. We manufacture on a commercial scale for various industries, including animal care, nutrition, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biocides.


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Iodine Manufacturing With Iofina

Iofina Inc., headquartered in Colorado, is one of the leading iodine producers in the United States (U.S.). We manufacture iodine, produce numerous halogen-based chemical derivatives, and can custom synthesize (within our unique skill set of chemistries) various products for other chemical manufacturers. Iofina is unique as we focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable methods of extracting and producing iodine and iodine products. Our commitment rests on efficiency, sustainability and productivity. 

Iofina Inc. is the parent company for Iofina Resources and Iofina Chemical. Our six iodine plants in Oklahoma extract iodine using the latest technology while being kind to the environment, helping to ensure extensive growth for this unique and niche industry. We produce and sell our iodized products locally and globally, providing quality iodine derivative products and solutions.  

We Focus on Safety, Growth and Continuous Improvement

Iofina views manufacturing and production as closely intertwined with our people, clients and the environment. Iofina Chemical mainly focuses on aqueous based chemistries to minimize the use of organic solvents and to aid our superior production processes.  Iofina Resources’ extraction process is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are extracting a valuable resource from produced water brine streams flowing from existing oil and gas wells which minimizes impact to the environment and creates value from a waste product. 

By constantly striving to improve, Iofina is one of the leading iodine manufacturers in the U.S. while also focusing on sustainability and global growth. We build and foster long-lasting business relationships with our clients, meeting and exceeding expectations and going the extra mile in all we do.


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