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Iofina Resources – Exploration

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Iofina Resources

Areas of Investigation

Iofina Resources is studying iodine concentrations in produced water brine streams from oil and gas operations across the U.S. Iofina’s team of geologists has developed proprietary models for iodine sources in the USA. Through various methods including a wide-range sampling program, the company has a pipeline of potential sites for future iodine manufacturing facilities.

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Its team of geologists has developed proprietary models for iodine sources in the USA and its sampling program is headed by one of our staff geologists. Sampling is performed in two different methods at no cost to the operator.

  • Sampling kit sent to the operator to send brine samples via mail. All kits include appropriate guidelines, return shipping labels and collection instructions for an easy initial field investigation.
  • Site visit by staff geologist to collect samples from the operator’s desired location(s).

Once the samples are collected, returned and analyzed by Iofina, processed data is shared with the operator along with the determination if the operator’s field AOI meets the requirements for further investigation, which could lead to an iodine extraction facility.

For any enquiries regarding Iofina’s sampling/exploration program or for sample kits, please contact David Edlin at



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