Iofina Resources

Technology Leaders
in Iodine

Iofina Resources, Inc. (“IR”), based in Greenwood Village, CO, is a division of Iofina plc. Iofina Resources is a technology-based company that isolates iodine recovered from the brine produced from oil and gas operations that would otherwise be wasted.

There is an abundance of produced water available from established oil and gas production. The Company has found it to be cost effective to partner with existing oil and gas operators and isolate iodine rather than drill its own wells. This business approach is a win-win for both IR and the operators since it provides a stable source of iodine for IR and provide the operators with a means to reduce their disposal costs.

Over time, Iofina has improved the iodine harvesting technology in both efficiencies and volumes that could be handled per day, leading to the development of its unique, proprietary WET® IOsorb® technology, which allows it to handle both a wide range of volumes of brine, as well as operate with a higher efficiency than previous methods.

Iofina Resources, Inc.

8480 East Orchard Road, Suite 4900
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
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