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Iofina Resources

Iofina Resources

Technology Leaders in Iodine

Iofina Resources, Inc. (“IR”), based in Greenwood Village, CO, is a division of Iofina Inc. IR is a technology-based production company that isolates iodine recovered from produced water brine streams from oil and gas operations that would otherwise be wasted.

There is an abundance of produced water brine streams available from established oil and gas production. The company has found it to be more economical and environmentally friendly to partner with existing oil and gas and produced water injection well operators to isolate iodine rather than drill its own wells. This business approach is a win-win for both IR and the operators since it provides a stable source of iodine for IR and provides the operators with a means to reduce their disposal costs.

Over time, Iofina Resources has improved both the efficiency and volume parameters of its unique Wellhead Extraction Technology® (WET®)  IOsorb® process, which has allowed Iofina Resources to handle both a wide range of volumes of produced water, as well as operate with higher efficiency than previous methods.

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Iodine Extraction

Iofina Resources, Inc. (“IR”) uses the company’s proprietary technology to aid the extraction process for maximum production of iodine. Capitalizing on environmentally friendly methods, we extract Iodine from produced water brine streams co-produced with oil and gas from existing wells operated by our partners. Our experts utilize the company’s Wellhead Extraction Technology® (WET®) and IOsorb® technologies to extract iodine from produced water brine streams.

Using our WET® and IOsorb® method at our iodine plants, the process primes the iodide to be separated from the produced water brine stream. Through the process, Iofina isolates the company’s IOFlo®  Iodine at each of our sites.  The extraction process is beneficial for Iofina, our produced water suppliers, and our customers.

Why Iodine Extraction From Brine Water Streams? 

Extracting iodine from existing produced water brine streams is the most environmentally friendly method to produce iodine. Our WET® IOsorb® technology uses unique technologies to isolate the contained iodine and return the water to the operator for disposal. Without Iofina, the iodine in the stream would not be isolated and therefore wasted. Iofina’s extraction technology is scalable to handle and or reuse water volumes from 5,000 barrels per day to 100,000 b/d. Most of our current plants can process up to 30,000 barrels of iodide-rich water per day. The costs associated with produced brine water disposal make it paramount for injection well operators to incorporate more sustainable and economical methods of utilizing, disposing, and reuse of brine water.

Iofina Resource Plant For Iodine Extraction

The Iodine Production Process

Once the crystallized iodine is ready, the product can be further refined or prepared for sale to the market. Iofina integrates the iodine produced by Iofina Resources into specialty iodine derivatives through Iofina Chemical, and then these products are sold to various industries globally. 

Contact us online for more information about how our Wellhead Extraction Technology®  IOsorb® services can be applied to your produced brine waste to isolate iodine.

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