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    Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets
    1-Iodopropane2-IodopropaneAmmonium IodideBromoiodomethaneCalcium IodateCuprous IodideEthyl IodideHydriodic AcidIodine MonochlorideIodobutaneLithium IodideN-IodosuccinimidePerfluoropropyl IodidePeriodic acidPotassium IodatePotassium IodidePotassium MetaperiodateSilver IodideSodium IodateSodium IodideSodium MetaperiodateIodomethaneDiiodomethaneIodopropynyl butylcarbamateFluoromethaneTrichloromelamineChloramine-T TrihydrateChloroGlass SanitizerHydriodic Acid/ Iodine Complex 55-65%Iodophor Complex 20-23%Optishield

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