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Operational Areas

Iofina Resources is currently operating five iodine extraction facilities in the Anadarko Basin in western Oklahoma. These facilities are located nearby existing brine disposal sites, though IR’s iodine extraction technology can be located anywhere.

Source: Hentz, T.F., 1994. Depositional, Structural, and Sequence Framework of the Gas-Bearing Cleveland Formation (Upper Pennsylvanian), Western Anadarko Basin, Texas Panhandle. Report of Investigations No. 213


Iodine Processing Technology

Iofina’s proven processes are derived from air desorption and ion exchange technologies. Iofina’s experts found modified air desorption is best suited for extraction of iodine in produced waters from oil and gas operations in most instances. Currently, Iofina’s iodine extraction facilities, which utilize the Company’s technologies, are designed to process between 5,000 – 40,000 barrels of produced water per day, allowing for each facility to be scalable and custom designed for each location of interest.

The iodine extraction process works by adjusting the brine’s environment until the iodine molecules are ready to be separated from its naturally occurring structures. Once this is achieved, iodine is removed and then crystallized. Afterwards, a second process may then be employed to prepare the iodine for marketing, in which the iodine becomes 99.5% pure I2.



Iofina Resources has a wide range of capabilities and accomplishments when it comes to partnering with oilfield operators to aggregate and process brine for iodine extraction. Currently, all extraction facilities are owned and operated by Iofina Resources and are established on-location at our partner’s salt water disposal (“SWD”) sites, where iodine is removed and isolated from brine prior to disposal. Partnering operators of these sites are compensated for the produced water processed.

Another benefit to IR’s partners is that IR’s facilities are manned 24/7/365, allowing for round the clock monitoring for any issues that may arise at the SWDs. Further, any excess oil that comes through Iofina’s facilities is collected and returned to the operator, reducing wastage. IR also has the capability to contribute, add, and/or own and operate water transfer systems, booster stations, salt water disposals, tank farm aggregation points for localized trucking, and other produced water equipment and field needs.

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