World Iodine Association

As a founding member of the World Iodine Association (WIA), Iofina helps eradicate global iodine deficiency and promotes iodine uses.

Health & Safety

Ensuring the highest standards of safety, health and security for all Iofina’s employees is a major priority for the Company.

Iofina operates to ensure that health & safety policies are carefully followed and the well-being of all employees is continuously monitored. The Company ensures provision of all necessary medical checks, regular health and safety training and specialised clothing and equipment.

The Company recognises the interdependence between health and safety and productivity and is fully committed to the highest standards.


Iofina promotes wherever possible environmental sustainability in its working practices and seeks to minimise, mitigate or remedy, any harmful effects from the Company’s operations on the environment at each of its operational sites.

Social responsibility

Iofina looks after its employees and contributes to the economies within it operates with high care.

The Company is committed to ensure stable, long-term employment that benefits local people in the communities where it operates.

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