Community Outreach

Iofina Gives Back

Iofina is committed to operate our business in a manner that benefits our investors, employees, customers and the communities where we operate. To that, as part of our initiative 'Iofina Gives Back', Iofina, along with its employees, sponsors and participates in several events that benefit local and regional charitable organizations. Iofina also participates in programs and events which benefit scholarship programs for students specializing in sciences.


Iofina, in partnership with OCAST (Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology), participates in a program to advance the studies of local undergraduate science students. Through this program, Iofina has provided numerous students from Northwest Oklahoma State University internship opportunities to gain valuable ‘real-world’ industrial and scientific experiences in their chosen fields. For their efforts, the students are compensated and receive school credit.

Annually, Iofina's employees generously provide food and toys to those in need.

Some of the organizations which have benefited from Iofina and its employees include:

Welcome House of Northern Kentucky

Be Concerned of Northern Kentucky

Children's Heart Association of Cincinnati

American Chemical Society Scholars Program
ACS Scholars Program

Chemspec Scholarships: providing tuition assistance for selected students majoring in chemistry, chemical engineering and the life sciences

Toy Drive 2018

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